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Asthma affects as many as 25 million people throughout the United States. If you’re struggling with persistent shortness of breath, it’s important you have an evaluation of your lung health as soon as possible. At each of the Brooklyn and Queens NY Family Docs offices, including Ridgewood, Rego Park, Woodhaven, and Williamsburg, the experienced physicians offer comprehensive diagnostics and management plans to address asthma symptoms. To schedule asthma testing, you can book an appointment online or by phone. NY Family Docs accepts walk-in visits for urgent care asthma treatments.

Asthma Q & A

What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease that causes inflammation of the airways, which carry oxygen in and out of your lungs. When your airways are inflamed, you can’t get enough air and breathing becomes difficult.

You can also develop other symptoms like:

  • Wheezing
  • Chest tightness
  • Persistent coughing

For some, persistent inflammation can trigger an asthma attack that requires immediate treatment. Without proper care, a severe asthma attack can lead to severe health complications, including death.

What causes asthma?

If you have existing allergies, you can be more likely to develop asthma. Airway inflammation can be triggered by exposure to an allergen like pollen or pet dander or other factors like:

  • Cold air
  • Chemicals
  • Physical activity
  • Certain medications

Additional risk factors for developing asthma include being overweight and smoking.

How is asthma diagnosed?

At each NY Family Docs office, the staff offer on-site asthma testing to evaluate the health of your lungs and how well you can breathe. After a review of your medical history and your symptoms, your doctor will likely suggest a spirometry diagnostic test.

Spirometry assesses how your lungs are working by measuring how much air you can inhale and exhale in a certain period of time. These measurements can determine if your shortness of breath and other symptoms are due to asthma or another condition.

The NY Family Docs medical team also offers in-office allergy testing to better understand your asthma triggers. By addressing existing allergies, your doctor can help you manage your asthma and prevent breathing difficulties and serious asthma attacks.

What treatments are available for asthma?

Your NY Family Docs physician creates a care plan to ensure proper management of asthma. You might also benefit from working with an on-site health coach to help you avoid your asthma triggers.

For many with chronic asthma, medication is necessary to treat the attacks. This typically involves taking medications through an inhaler. The medication reduces airway inflammation quickly. You might also need medications to prevent asthma attacks.

Your NY Family Docs provider works closely with you to manage both your asthma and allergies over the long-term to protect the health of your lungs and reduce your risk of long-term complications.

Schedule an asthma evaluation today by calling the office nearest you or booking online. If you need immediate care of asthma-related symptoms, you can also visit NY Family Docs as a walk-in.