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NY Family Docs believes that getting the health care you need should be as convenient as possible. That’s why the practice offers lab services at their offices in Ridgewood , Rego Park, and Woodhaven, Queens, and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in New York City. To have your lab work performed without having to visit a separate location, call the office nearest you or schedule your appointment online today.

Lab Services Q&A

What are lab services?

Lab services allow NY Family Docs to offer robust preventive medicine and diagnostics from all of its offices. With lab services available at every location, your NY Family Docs provider ensures you don’t have to make a separate trip to a lab to get the information you need about your health. Instead, each office can draw your blood and send the sample to the lab that your insurance provider covers. 

How are lab services used for preventive medicine?

Some people choose to have blood work performed each time they get their annual physical. Alternately, your NY Family Docs provider might recommend that you have blood work as a part of your yearly physical. This gives them the opportunity to learn things about your health that aren’t readily apparent with a physical exam alone. 

At a doctor’s office, patients often get a lab order request that they then have to bring to a separate health care location that specializes in lab services. That dedicated lab performs the blood work, then returns the results to the doctor so they can relay them to the patient.

NY Family Docs believes your time is valuable. Instead of asking you to visit a separate location, they can collect your blood sample at their office during your visit. This gives you access to this powerful preventive medicine tool without the hassle of a second appointment at a different location. 

How are lab services used for diagnostics?

Not only are lab services powerful for staying informed about your health so you can proactively defend it, but they’re also critical when you need an accurate diagnosis. With lab testing, NY Family Docs can diagnose a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Allergies
  • Cancer

When you need a diagnosis, waiting can be stressful. By offering lab services, NY Family Docs can turn results around quickly without needing you to make a second appointment at a lab. With their on-site services, they aim to take some of the waiting — and the associated tension  — out of the process. 

To learn more about the lab services available at NY Family Docs, call the office nearest you or book your visit online today.